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Tomorrow; it’s a new year – a new academic year to be specific.  Tomorrow morning I will awake at 6:33 am, switch off my alarm and turn to face my first day as a second year Humanities student at Carleton University.

I cannot believe that this is actually happening.  It’s fascinating how time seems to speed forward and slow down without anyone taking note of this phenomenon until it has past them by.

A year ago today, I underwent Academic Orientation Day with my fellow second years, many of whom have become dear friends since then.

A year ago today, I was unable to sleep until the wee hours of the morning because of my excitement.  That hasn’t changed since grade school, I’ve never been able to sleep well the night before the school year starts anew.

A year ago today, I was a different person.

I am still changing.

A year ago today, I was not part of a sorority and I had never had siblings to call my own.

Now I have over sixty girls that I can proudly call my sisters.

A year ago today, I wondered if I would be able to make it in university.

I am still here.

A year ago today, I was worried about making friends and fitting in while trying to figure out how to maintain my individuality.

I am now wiser about who I can trust and I don’t worry so much about how others perceive me because in the immortal words of Bernard Baruch, “Those who matter don’t mind, and those who mind don’t matter.

A year ago today, I was nervous with anticipation.

I still am.

A year ago today…

I had tea with two intelligent young men from my program who helped me realize that whatever the future may bring I had found my people.

I saw one of them today and both are still very present figures in my program as well as in my circle of friends.

I drew a young woman into a conversation by asking how many cats she owned.

She still has cats but our conversations have expanded beyond our feline familiars.

I had read the Iliad but not the Odyssey.

It’s still my favourite of the two but I have read both.

I had never heard of Sappho.

Her verses now tug at my heartstrings.

A year from now I’ll be looking back on this year…I still have difficulty believing that, but I am coming to terms with my second year status.  I have to, classes begin tomorrow.


I am looking forward to tomorrow.

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