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Mutatis Mutandis

I came across the above title phrase while I was reading about a week ago. According to http://www.translegal.com/legal-latin/mutatis-mutandis it means, “with those things having been changed which need to be changed.” A few things flashed through my mind as I researched the meaning behind this unfamiliar string of words. Namely, why isn’t Latin still mandatory… Continue reading Mutatis Mutandis

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The Sun is Rising

Several weeks ago I took in the movie The Other Woman with my parents. I fully appreciated the film, not just for its comedic strong points and its fantastic portrayal of women banding together to forge a new life instead on turning on each other when betrayed by the same man; I also really enjoyed… Continue reading The Sun is Rising

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Discovering Ottawa’s Festivals: Youth Infringement

It’s festival season in the nation’s capital and last night I attended the Youth Infringement Festival which is dedicated to showcasing young playwrights, actors, directors and stage managers in a professional theatre setting. There were three plays showing last night and each one was special in its own way. I’m not trying to be cliche,… Continue reading Discovering Ottawa’s Festivals: Youth Infringement

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Ottawa Comiccon 2014: Cosplaying a Pendragon Princess

This past weekend was Mother’s Day but it also coincided with the third year of Ottawa’s Comiccon. I knew that Sunday would be spent with family, celebrating my beautiful mother so, I resolved to spend my Saturday at Comiccon wisely. For many that might mean attending as many workshops, events, autograph signings or Q &… Continue reading Ottawa Comiccon 2014: Cosplaying a Pendragon Princess


Make Way for Sam, the Aspiring Duckling

I’m learning to be a duck. At least that’s what I perceive my training as a street fundraiser is preparing me for – a litany of rejections, mountains of avoidance and above all, the practiced gazes of people who ignore me just because I want to talk to them.  I’m learning how to let snide… Continue reading Make Way for Sam, the Aspiring Duckling

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Welcome, to SeekEachLight.

I’ve been told that the secret to writing a successful blog is letting go of one’s innate fear of failure and never losing sight of why one began said blog in the first place. One of my biggest fears is failure so this shall be a useful exercise in conquering my inner demons and facing… Continue reading Welcome, to SeekEachLight.