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A Filler Chapter

I’m hanging out on a cliff right now, metaphorically speaking. There aren’t any cliffs near me in Halifax. I’m not standing up. My toes aren’t curled protectively over the edge. I’m not windmilling back from the drop. I’m just here. I’m sitting with my laptop set on top of my crossed legs. I’m just hanging… Continue reading A Filler Chapter

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Staying Shiny but (Not) Solitary: Ottawa ComicCon 2017 Part 2

I’ve been thinking about why cosplaying as River was a challenge ever since I teased about expanding upon that particular point in my last post. Oddly enough, watching the Beauty and the Beast adaptation with Emma Watson the other night was what clued me in to what is difficult about cosplaying a character like River, she is… Continue reading Staying Shiny but (Not) Solitary: Ottawa ComicCon 2017 Part 2

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So, What’s Next?

Maybe I don’t want to be ready yet. Maybe I don’t want to say goodbye. Well, life is not fair and this blog post is long overdue. I suppose that statement only stands if you believe that two weeks is a long time, but when I was a kid and I went off to camp each summer two… Continue reading So, What’s Next?

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Preparing for 2017: The Semantics of Friendship

Christmas was quiet this year. Very quiet. I find that I quite enjoy the quiet simply because it is not often that my mind, heart, and soul are capable of resting in the moment. To be completely fair, I have spent a great deal of my holiday sleeping, as much as possible, whenever possible. I… Continue reading Preparing for 2017: The Semantics of Friendship

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How To Break the Ice: What It Means To Be a Best Friend In the MCU

Do you remember elementary school, when the most important thing seemed to be who your friends were? And barring the existence of multiple friends, you at least had a best friend right? Well, if I was to ask you right now who your best friend is would you have a response? The truth is that… Continue reading How To Break the Ice: What It Means To Be a Best Friend In the MCU

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Stretching My Wings

Last night I returned from a get together with various members of the Wingd team in the mood for reflection. We are currently in the process of developing a book and that is an amazing accomplishment, but that’s not what this post is about, for more information on that you can refer to the Metro or the Ottawa Citizen.… Continue reading Stretching My Wings

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Give My Regards to Broadway!

My high school had a great theatre program and the kids who took part in our productions were talented.  In grade nine one of my close friends and I decided to audition for the school musical. *I’ll call her J just in case she doesn’t want her name out there in the wide world. Before I tell you… Continue reading Give My Regards to Broadway!