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Year Two

My second year of university literally starts a week from tomorrow and I could not be happier to return to school.  However, I could not feel less prepared (although upon reflection I’m pretty much on top of things) or more anxious.

Few things comfort me during this spell of anxiety; however, I have compiled a list of three things that do lend me some gravity and allow me to stay grounded throughout this turbulent time. Several other grounding powers, namely friends and family are not listed here because by now I figure they’re a given.

1. Music

My current go to soundtrack is RM & the Honest Heart Collective’s debut album which I have mentioned previously. Before I proceed you should all know that I am not affiliated with the band.  Aside from having written a review for them way back in the New Year I have not had any interactions with  members of RM & HHC – so, in other words this is my opinion and I am not being compensated for it.

Their self-titled debut EP is usually the music I turn on when I write, I know the lyrics to all of the songs so well that I can make the melodies white noise in my mind if need be.  However, more often than not I sit and contemplate while listening to the words that I know emerged from someone’s heart and soul.  Relatable, without being unrealistic this was probably the soundtrack of my first year of university.  I turned to it during late nights at the lounge, while I was stuck for inspiration during paper season, when I felt sad, when I procrastinated, when I was stressed – it was always just a click away.  It was actually the first album I downloaded onto my new laptop.

photo*Like any good fan I have my autographed copy stored in a place of honour; it’s also protected by my Italian owl of wisdom.

It’s rare that I find any form of art that can speak to me on such a deep level for such a prolonged period of time.  Normally, songs come and go, along with artists and CDs, though I do have favourites; however, RM & HCC has stayed a constant in my life for longer than I expected it to.


*Crutches was the first song that I played on repeat.  Within a day of obtaining their album and attending their Ottawa concert two years ago this tune was part of my Top 25 Played playlist.

Honestly, the only thing that irks me about them is how long their name is, I counted the letters once and it’s made up 27 letters not including the ‘&’ symbol.  Now, imagine typing that out four or five times…

2. Back to School Shopping

Clothes. Books. Pens.

I was away this past weekend.  I was in New York State (sadly, not in the Big Apple) with my parents for a vacation and some serious shopping.  Since I haven’t had a break all summer (my mom’s words, not mine) my lovely parents decided to book us a trip across the border for several days and nights.

While on holiday I avoided my phone and work like the plague since no one likes roaming charges and promptly returned to three or four deadlines and 67 emails, the majority of which were also linked to work.  Go figure.  But I did enjoy the time away.

I scored majorly in the business casual department when we went store hopping and I ended up bringing home some very nice pieces that will fit perfectly in my closet.  Luckily, my birthday is next week so, a large amount of the purchases made for me are actually wonderful and practical birthday gifts.

The books though are a whole other bag of happiness, but carrying the complete collected works of Plato means nothing if you do not have an understanding of his philosophies to back up your attachment to such a tome.

photo 3

I am currently, three quarters of the way through my book list, at least in terms of purchases.  I have as of right now, read three books that are required reading for the year (for three different courses mind you) and I am throughly excited to once again broaden my spectrum of knowledge throughout the coming months.

photo 1*This isn’t even a third of the books I’ve purchased for the upcoming school year.


One of the reasons I love university is my program, and the single most important reason why I adore Humanities is that it teaches me how ignorant I am.  Yes, you read that correctly, it provides me with the tools to think, learn and grow on my own.  It lets me go, like a father teaching his child to ride a bicycle, it guides me then lets me ride off, free to pursue my passions and to dismiss its conclusions.  To question, doubt and attach myself – to the world, my life and my dreams.

Humanities is the study of our past, present and future – it helps to make me feel whole and I am so proud to be a student of such a brilliant program.

I feel ignorant in our lecture hall, in our lounge and sometimes in my own mind, but it’s okay, because every now and then a light goes off.  I get it, I can explain it and I can defend or refute it – whatever we discuss I absorb.

I suppose that I am not ignorant so much as I am open to more knowledge, and conscious of the fact that I will never know all that there is to know in this wonderfully wide world of ours.  I can never know it all, and I’m okay with that, but I am more than willing to learn all I that I can; now, tomorrow and forever I shall continue on my quest for knowledge and wisdom.

**If you want to check out the music mentioned here click this link: https://www.facebook.com/thehonestheartcollective

***If you’re intrigued by the idea of studying the Humanities in Canada click here:  http://carleton.ca/bhum/

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