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So far in 2015

Yes, I am time travelling a couple days into the future (in my current mindset it is already 2015) to report on the state of my resolutions.

Be Healthier

I had nachos for breakfast. That has cheese, therefore it meets some kind of dairy requirement for the day right? Complete with salsa which strikes off the vegetable content and hot peppers which serve to add some spice I feel happy with my choices.  It may not be eggs and a fruit bowl but considering the fact that we have yet to go grocery after returning home just two days ago nachos seemed like a valid enough choice.

Found here originally: http://bit.ly/1D46LTD
Found here originally: http://bit.ly/1D46LTD

As for sleep, I ended up posting my last article around 1:00am this morning so it’s safe to say that I did not actually sleep until around 1:30am.  However, I woke up at 8:00am and I feel awake so that wasn’t a lost battle.  Six and a half hours, give or take a little isn’t too bad for my first day.

I walked up and down the stairs this morning but out of necessity more than anything else.  Regardless, I’m already working on my posture – or more accurately trying to remind myself to stop slouching when I eat or read.

Be a better: HUMS CHUM

I started reading St. Augustine’s Confessions this morning.  I’m 27 pages in and it’s fascinating.  It’s the perfect book to read at this point in my life, as Augustine confesses to his past sins, I too am recognizing my past faults and working to better myself through the fulfillment of these resolutions.

Found here originally: http://bit.ly/13GVlbK
Found here originally: http://bit.ly/13GVlbK


I would call this start to “2015” promising had Long Road To Hell by Avicii not just popped up during my iTunes shuffle. I’m now considering that any self-congratualtion regarding my adherence to my resolutions is like counting dragons before they have hatched – premature – and therefore, I shall not congratulate myself until 2016.

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