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Christmas Eve – Unplugged?

The clock just switched over and suddenly, it’s Christmas Eve.

I can’t sleep.

I thought that Christmas induced insomnia only inflicted itself upon young children or at least waited until Christmas Eve cycled through twelve hours of daylight.  But no, apparently not.

I’m up because of a lot of things – social media, technology, my own thoughts, Taylor Swift’s 1989 album, and more besides, but you know what…I’m going to leave it.  These ideas and worries rolling around in my head will still be somewhere inside the filing cabinet of my mind tomorrow or better yet, after Christmas.  The holidays are a time to unplug, a time for family, friends, and the important things in life.

I may love my blog and while it has been there for me when I need something to help me process an event, it cannot take the place of a real person.  Texting cannot replace a conversation.  Facebook cannot replace an actual visit.  Technology is not always the answer.  And it’s not always the problem either.  You make the choice to pick up your phone at dinner, or to answer your email in class. You make choices every single day – and I’m making one now.  I’m unplugging, I’m posting this, and then leaving my social media outlets until Dec. 29th.

Cheers world, and Merry Christmas Eve.

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