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Who is Season 5 Sam?

You think you know who you are until you don’t. You think you know what friendship is until everything changes. You think you know what you’re worth until the world tilts sideways. You think you know so much about life, but you actually know nothing. *That double ignorance though… When I moved out East I… Continue reading Who is Season 5 Sam?

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Pardon me, are you Sam Lehman, ma’am?

Three weeks. Twenty-one days. That is how long this post has been percolating in my head. The day before July 4th I had the privilege to witness the musical┬áHamilton┬álive in New York City. The experience was literally breathtaking. I could not breathe for a moment when the lights dimmed and the orchestra played the opening… Continue reading Pardon me, are you Sam Lehman, ma’am?