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We are not okay

It’s not okay. It’ll never be okay. It has never been okay. The hate, the prejudice, the blatant disregard for human life, for morals, for virtues, for our humanity, will never be okay. It should never be accepted or defended. Evil exists in this world and sometimes it is so insidious it can manifest in… Continue reading We are not okay

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America, Please Wear Your Hope Proudly

I had so much hope when I went to sleep on November 8, 2016. I had so much hope for waking up the next day to a new world, a brighter world, a world sprinkled with glass shards from the glass ceiling that would have shattered and glinted in the sun like the glitter I… Continue reading America, Please Wear Your Hope Proudly

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Pardon me, are you Sam Lehman, ma’am?

Three weeks. Twenty-one days. That is how long this post has been percolating in my head. The day before July 4th I had the privilege to witness the musical Hamilton live in New York City. The experience was literally breathtaking. I could not breathe for a moment when the lights dimmed and the orchestra played the opening… Continue reading Pardon me, are you Sam Lehman, ma’am?

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As CBC said earlier this evening, “Canada will be different after today.” My country has changed. My city has changed. I’ve changed. This morning at 10:00am I was in class, discussing Aristotle. To be more specific I was listening to my professor engage in an enlightening lecture about Aristotle and his relation to Plato.  At… Continue reading #OttawaStrong

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Dear Twenty Year Old Me: Hit the Pavement

I’ve lived in Ottawa my entire life.  I should know this town like the back of my hand, should being the operative word in this sentence.  The thing is I don’t know Ottawa that well, but I want to. Ottawa is almost like my older sibling that has always been there but only on the fringes of my… Continue reading Dear Twenty Year Old Me: Hit the Pavement