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Dunkirk (2017): A Review

*Spoilers* for the film will be indicated by an asterisk! The sea can burn. The human body will sink if one wills it to. The oddest thoughts went through my mind as I watched the film Dunkirk unfold. My boss saw the film on Thursday and when I came for work on Friday several of us engaged… Continue reading Dunkirk (2017): A Review

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America, Please Wear Your Hope Proudly

I had so much hope when I went to sleep on November 8, 2016. I had so much hope for waking up the next day to a new world, a brighter world, a world sprinkled with glass shards from the glass ceiling that would have shattered and glinted in the sun like the glitter I… Continue reading America, Please Wear Your Hope Proudly

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The Struggle Is Real

As much as I try to be a purist in terms of using words and phrases that would actually fit into an academic essay I find myself falling prey to the cultural revolution that is internet slang.  I no longer cringe much when I hear people yell out the words, “That is cray-cray,” nor do… Continue reading The Struggle Is Real